Breaky Bottom Winery Notes - December 2014

Breaky Bottom Winery Notes - December 2014

We have had a wonderful season this year, prolonged sunshine through the middle of the summer followed by rain in August to swell the crop to perfection. The vineyards of the UK will all have enjoyed these conditions and it is likely to produce the largest ever national crop.

Peter Hall & Miles Jenner in conversation

2014 has also been special for Breaky Bottom as it marks the 40th year since I planted the vineyard. We have hosted two celebratory dinners; one at Moshi Moshi, Liverpool Street Station, and a large party at Pelham House Hotel in Lewes; both joyful events. Lastly, I am delighted that the Seyval Blanc from 2010 has been awarded a Gold Medal in the International Wine Challenge – a good way to please a wine-maker!


We wish you a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Peter and Christina