"There's no more beautiful vineyard in Britain than Breaky Bottom"



I have just six acres of vines, set in this peaceful valley in the South Downs National Park.  I also maintain a flock of 40 ewes and lambs to graze the surrounding steep banks.

The soil is a free-draining chalk loam with flint.  We are just two miles from the English Channel, a secluded valley offering shelter from coastal winds and providing an ideal microclimate for vine growing. Proximity to the sea also minimises the risk of spring frost.

Breaky Bottom is a small-scale family-run business producing top quality wines that command a premium in the market. Bottlings are limited to the yield of grapes harvested each autumn.  In a typical year this might amount to 10,000 bottles, although in some years the entire crop has been lost to floods or pheasants!

Cool-climate viticulture is challenging, with unpredictable weather from one year to the next.  I risk harvesting as late as possible in the autumn to maximise ripeness and allow the full expression of Breaky Bottom’s unique terroir.